A Village in Britany
Saint-Thélo was a Bishop in Wales, wben an outbreak of tbe plague made him decide to come to Brittany.

Tbe Lord of castel Gall said that he would give him aIl the land he could ride around in tbe course of one night, stopping when the cock crowed.

Saint- Thélo whistled and called up a stag which would enable him to accomplish his joumey with the greatest possible speed.
Unfortunately, be was first attacked by the castle dogs and had to take refuge in an oak tree. Moreover, hid own sister who was jealous of him, shortened the night by pushing a cock into a fireplace over a lighted fire thereby forcing it to crow prematurely, and thus the area covered waJ considerably reduced, which is why the actual area he covered is not very large.

The oak is still there and the procession of Troménie still stops there.
Saint-Théleau church
in the middle of the village